cool stuff is uncool right?

chris, 20, boise

well cool!

so my dad wasnt able to claim me on his taxes so now i get to claim myself so gonna go back over to hr block and have them refile or do whatever shit they gotta do because they didnt catch that i made to much money to be able to be claimed as a dependent. so now i may actually get something back! because from what ive been looking at for how much i made it should bump me down a tax bracket so i will have less taxable income therefore have to have paid in less and since i had already paid what i thought i needed to the irs i should be able to get that back to which would be nice. my only hope is that they realize they had fucked up and fix it without trying to charge me for it because thats kinda why i go to them because they are suppose to fix their shit for free and if not i sure as hell will be going into the corporate office to have this shit fixed and writing a letter to make sure she is fired because she cant apparently catch shit and doesn’t know how to do taxes any better then a 4th grader and i would have been better off doing them on my own at this point.